Production & Inspection

Austenitic / Duplex Steel / Nickel Alloy / Cobalt Alloy
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    Are You A Trader or A Manufacturer?

    MTSCO are a supplier of welded pipes that integrate industry and trade. We have entered into a strategic partnership with Huxin Pipe by investing in the manufacturer and becoming their ONLY international trade center for all of their international welded pipe business.

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    What Is The Production Process of MTSCO Welded Pipes?

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    How Do You Ensure The Quality During The Production Process?

    First of all, our raw materials come from large domestic factories, such as Baosteel, TSINGSHAN, Eastern Special Steel... Each batch of raw materials requires MTC and PMI, and we also conduct a second verification. The factory is equipped with a full set of advanced production equipment, such as CNC bending machine, shearing machine, plate rolling machine, 12-meter annealing furnace, pickling pool and so on.
    Experienced engineers and skilled workers are in charge of each process in the production. Each link is supervised by professional QC inspectors and photographed for archiving. The entire process uses process cards to ensure accuracy and traceability.

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    What Inspections Do You Perform Before Shipment And How Can Customers Trace Back?

    Before shipment, MTSCO has a professional QC team to carry out a series of tests and experiments on the products, including regular tests on appearance, PMI, size, quantity, etc. We also carry out tests such as X-Ray testing, UT, ET, HT. We will do 100% X-ray test on weld seams. Each link will be photographed and archived in the software, which can be viewed by customers at any time for easy traceability.

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    What Kind Of Packaging Do You Use?

    Welded pipe is usually packed in woven bags, large-diameter welded pipe ports supported by wooden frames, the pipe end used cap or tape protection. Small diameter welded pipes will be packaged in wooden boxes. We will communicate with you and propose the loading plan, the default method is normal. If you accept the casing, for different size pipes, we will use the nesting loading to save transportation cost.
    Moreover, the loading are all taken care of by MTSCO QC inspectors, and real-time photo records are kept, with strong traceability.

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    Do You Accept On-site Factory Inspections or Third Party Inspections?

    We warmly welcome on-site factory inspections. Before sales, we can have a video conference at any time, and the sales can take you on a tour of the factory through the camera. We also have online VR, where you can directly see the factory's actual scenery. We also welcome your arrival at any time, or third-party organizations such as SGS/TUV/BV.


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