2024 UAE Business Trip: A Magical Journey of Challenges and Opportunities

Recently, MTSCO team James, Lilian and Ray traveled to the UAE for an important customer visit. And for this customer visit, they made a sharing for us.

"In 2004, my grandmother and father came to Dubai for the first time, took a group photo in front of the Dubai's Sailing Hotel and lived there for 8 years, an experience that is deeply imprinted in my memory. I later joined MTSCO and chose the Middle East division, partly because of the familiarity and emotion I felt for Dubai.2024, I traveled to Dubai and took a similar photo in the same place. After 20 years, the background and the facilities have changed dramatically, making me feel that fate is very amazing." Before sharing, Lilian tells us about her connection with Dubai.

2024 UAE Business Trip

Strong preparations before the customer visit

Before we went to the UAE for the customer visit, we made careful and thorough preparations. First of all, we arranged the time and itinerary of the visit in advance according to the specific address of the client to ensure that each visit was efficient and orderly. At the same time there was also careful planning of travel precautions to ensure that we could complete our tasks safely and smoothly.

Ray shared, "On this trip, James had already left after the exhibition in Dusseldorf to start visiting customers, Lilian and I traveled to Dubai to meet up with James as a group. For Lilian and I, it was our first time to travel for business, we are new to this and unfamiliar with a lot of things. The whole process was a huge challenge for us and the journey was very tough."

During this customer visit, we encountered many difficulties and challenges. However, despite the difficulties, the MTSCO team successfully completed this customer visit with detailed preparation before going abroad and strong personal perseverance.

Difficulty in traveling due to heavy rainfall

2024 UAE Business Trip

"When Lilian and I first experienced Dubai's LRT, I was totally unprepared for such a thrilling scenario." Ray shared his unforgettable experience with us, "During our visit, the UAE was hit by extreme rainstorms, which caused the city to become heavily waterlogged and made traveling difficult. We chose to take the LRT, but we didn't realize that the station was full of people, and it took us a long time to get into the station. We thought it would be fine if we got on the LRT, but that was the beginning of the nightmare, because instead of walking in, I was pushed up into the carriage by the people behind me, with my feet in the air and my whole body almost completely lost. What made it even more unforgettable was the foul odor that permeated the carriage, and the whole experience struck me as absurd and bizarre."

2024 UAE Business Trip

Taking the first step in being proactive: visiting clients alone

During a customer visit trip, there were multiple addresses, including factories, offices and warehouses, due to the need to visit the customer. During one of the visits, we went to the wrong address, causing a delay of more than an hour in the trip. In an emergency situation with only 20 minutes left,Lilian suggested that we meet the old client ourselves and let the team meet the new client.

Speaking about the incident, Lilian said, "I was a little apprehensive about taking on the challenge, but I plucked up the courage to go to the client's office building on my own, and eventually managed to have a friendly chat with the client. This experience made me realize that when faced with a challenge, you have to be brave and take action when you need to. It not only taught me a lot of valuable lessons about client interaction and industry practices, but also honed my personal resilience."

2024 UAE Business Trip

In the face of various emergencies, the MTSCO team didn't back down, and by flexibly adjusting the schedules and transportation modes, the visit was successfully completed, which demonstrated that the newcomers of MTSCO have the professional business ability and the spirit of not being afraid of challenges, and won more business opportunities for the company.

Friendly communication with customers and exploring new markets

In order to coordinate domestic and international affairs, the MTSCO team overcame the problem of time difference and worked back-to-back, and all of them always maintained high working enthusiasm and professional working attitude. In the constant communication with customers, we not only impressed them with sincerity and professionalism and successfully maintained good customer relationship, but also gained great inspiration and motivation.

2024 UAE Business Trip

Ray expresses his determination, "From communicating with our customers, we have also explored the development potential of new markets, inspiring our determination to further develop and analyze them. Despite the difficulties ahead, we are confident that we will break new ground in the new markets."

According to Lilian, "We need to bring the changes on the front line to the factories on the back end so that we can upgrade the supply chainFor example, we can improve our overall service level through improvements in delivery control, quality control and production traceability."


"Our business team has gained a lot from this trip, not only achieving significant results in business development, but also accumulating valuable experience in practice. The experience also made us more confident to work side by side with the best people and recognize our own shortcomings and points that can be improved. Only through continuous learning and improvement can we stand invincible in the fierce market competition." James, the team leader, summarized.

2024 UAE Business Trip

The trip to the UAE not only demonstrated the professionalism and dedication of our business team, but also accumulated valuable experience and confidence for the company's international business expansion, and we will continue to analyze and develop new markets in the future.We have to go deep into the market to understand the latest market in order to meet the needs of the closest customers. Face-to-face communication not only helps to build trust and obtain valuable information from each other, but also better conveys the company's values and service concepts.MTSCO will continue to maintain this enthusiasm and efforts to improve the level of service and create greater value for our customers.